“Creating an atmosphere”

Some people create an atmosphere. At least that’s the way we describe their impact. I’m not entirely sure of the psychological dynamics of that phrase. I just know that when some people enter the room something changes. Whether that’s a result of our reaction to something that we perceive at a conscious or subconscious level or whether it needs a different explanation, I do not know. What I do know is that some people change the atmosphere.

We normally think of creating an atmosphere as something bad, something negative.

Some people however, create a good atmosphere.

Take Barnabas (Acts 11.22-24). He created an atmosphere when he went to investigate the revival at Antioch. Given that he was on a mission to investigate what was going on, it would have been easy for Barnabas to settle for assessing the situation. But he chose encouragement over assessment.

And the atmosphere that he created resulted in the growth of the church and eventually the beginning of a missionary movement.

Encouragement is a profound atmosphere changer. If you decide to be an encourager you’ll create an atmosphere. A good one. Guaranteed. Have a go and see if it works.


2 thoughts on ““Creating an atmosphere”

  1. Thank you for yesterday’s teaching James. It was amazing! It would have been hard for invited friends not to have been affected by it and not just them but others too. I certainly was.

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