Defining Moments: Stepping Outside The Tent

Throughout this year, the Elim Movement has been celebrating it’s one hundredth anniversary. The theme of Defining Moments has helped us to recall and describe points in our history that have proved significant in shaping what we know as Elim today.

Every movement of the Spirit carries defining moments. If you read church history, early or modern, you will find moments in which decisions were made that impacted the trajectory of what the Spirit was doing.

Of course this applies personally as well. We can look back to points in our lives where we knew that God was at work and we responded.

The same is true for characters in the Bible.

Abraham had many defining moments during his earthly pilgrimage. God called him to go into the land of Canaan. Abraham obeyed the Lord and went. God promised him a child. But even though he obeyed God, the promise of a child was not fulfilled. Without a child there was no future. And God’s promise that through Abraham the whole world would be blessed, would remain unfulfilled.

At the beginning of Genesis 15 we see Abraham beginning to think about how a “plan b” might work (15.2-3)

“Plan b” was not, however, on God’s agenda. To reinforce that he was serious about His promise, God asked Abraham to step outside his tent and look at the stars in the sky. Such would be the number of his offspring (4-6).

Sometimes our vision of what God can do is limited by our familiar surroundings. Like Abraham, defining moments can happen when we step outside of our “tent”  of domestic familiarity to see God’s bigger picture.

God invites us to expand our thinking and our vision. He does not want us trapped within the confines of naturalistic thinking. He wants our vision to break through the ceiling of our “tent”. He wants to dazzle us with a picture of His purpose too great for our tiny minds.

Have you ever felt that God is not moving in your situation? Perhaps you need to “step outside your tent”. I don’t know what that means for you, but it’s moments like this that help to define our faith and shape our future. Why not take a step outside your tent and lift your eyes to God’s heaven instead of your ceiling?


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