Advent Reflections Day 16: No word from God ever fails

“How will this be,” Mary asked the angel, “since I am a virgin?” Luke 1.34

At the heart of Christmas is a miracle. You just can’t get past that. Christians looking back on the conception and birth of Christ, use the term virgin birth to describe and explain Mary’s conception of the Messiah.

Mary was quick to recognise that what God wanted to bring about was humanly speaking impossible. She was not married, and, for an upright Jewish girl sex outside of marriage wasn’t just culturally unacceptable, it represented breaking God’s law.

So the question was “How could this happen?”

Gabriel responded in terms of the Spirit’s power and the ability of the word God had spoken to her to produce the desired result.

Mary took what Gabriel said at face value: her words in verse 35 indicate her willingness to embrace and believe the word.

This Christmas you might be in a situation that requires something as drastic as a miracle, a release of divine power. That release of God’s power comes about as we believe His word. As Gabriel said in 1.37, no word from God will ever fail or as the older versions say nothing is impossible with God.

Christmas is a good time to believe God’s word. Even in the face of what seems impossible. For His word never fails. Christmas reminds us that we face the impossibilities of life with the God for whom nothing is impossible. His word never fails.


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