Advent Reflections Day 11: Before God changes the world, He changes someone’s world

“You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus.” Luke 1.31

It probably was not what Mary expected to hear: you’re going to have a baby.

The news would completely rock her world and eventually change her world. Just think of what this meant for Mary. Her body would physically change. She would never be physically the same again. Her relationship with Joseph would be affected, not to say jeopardised. The way she was seen in her local community would be altered; rumours that Jesus had been conceived out of wedlock persisted well into his adult life.

Most of us want God to change the world. We watch the news or read news items and long for God to intervene. We want to see people get saved. We want our communities and neighbourhoods changed.

Throughout the Bible you find that before God changes the world, He changes someone’s world. And sometimes the way that someone’s world is changed brings them discomfort and misunderstanding.

And so it is with the Christmas story. God’s desire was to change the world through the life, death and resurrection of His Son. But before Jesus would change the world forever, God would change Mary’s world forever.

Christmas reminds us that God wants to change the world. Sometimes to do that, He shakes up our personal world. Sometimes the call of God is a call to discomfort and misunderstanding, yet at the same time the satisfaction of knowing that you are right at the heart of what He is doing.


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