Second Time Round

Like Troy McClure from The Simpsons, I am tempted to begin with the words “You might remember me from blogs such as Outthere – and another one whose name escapes me at the moment!”

Yes, I did lay down the digital quill at the end of April 2011. An era seemed to have come to a close. For that reason I have not resurrected Outthere. It’s still out there on the web, a testimony to a season in my life.

I have begun blogging again primarily because my thought for the week that I send to people in Glasgow Elim has become sought after by a wider readership. It is simply easier to post the piece on the net than email it to people.

In time, I intend to use this new platform to address important issues that might be difficult to address in the course of a sermon or sermons. Sometimes the issue is complexity, sometimes it’s just that some important issues can appear boring to a majority of people.

The picture of the Fighting Temeraire is an artistic reminder that no matter how grand we think our lives are, or how distinguished our service, this life eventually comes to an end. This in itself is worth at least occasional reflection.

I have called the blog James Glass, because it just makes it easier for people to track down what I am writing. I hope you will forgive any unintentional self-promotion.

So here goes with my second foray into the blogosphere.


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